Sapphic YA Romance Novel ‘She Gets the Woman’ Unveils Fabulous Cover

Real-life power few Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick revel through highs and lows of teen crushes and relationship using their coming YA unique

She Gets the Woman

– and the address is actually debuting entirely on




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“Alex, headstrong and earth’s biggest flirt, has just landed at the college of Pittsburgh after a poor – but hopefully maybe not long lasting – break up,” the state information checks out. “Molly, on the other hand, arrives since types of woman whose mom is the woman most useful and just buddy and cannot chat around a stranger, not to mention Cora, their devastatingly cool crush.”

It continues:

“they don’t really belong on the same planet, aside from the same campus. But once situations start from the wrong foot with Alex’s new roommate, and Molly will get an unexpected invite, their unique paths cross at a celebration in an unlikely online game of Never Have we previously.

Through length of the online game, Alex discovers that Molly obviously is more never than ever before, such as never ever planning to tell Cora concerning crush she so plainly has on the girl, and a thought sparks. Maybe if she volunteers to greatly help Molly learn how to get Cora to fall for her, she will be able to persuade her ex that she is not a selfish flirt and ready for a genuine commitment. And even though Alex could be the final individual Molly would actually imagine she could trust, she cannot reject Alex understands what she is carrying out with girls, unlike the girl.

But as Molly and Alex embark on their quests to obtain their women to fall on their behalf, they both commence to question if perhaps they can be the main one’s dropping…for both.”

Ahead of the address expose, we had an easy talk with both Lippincott and Derrick regarding the assumption, the private sentiment behind

She Receives The Girl

, and exactly what LGBTQ+ readers can glean.

PRIDE: just why is it crucial that you y’all to inform LGBTQ+ tales?

Alyson Derrick:

You’ll want to me to compose the sort of material that I also want to eat. Absolutely nothing very comes even close to the butterflies i’m in my chest while I observe two ladies fall-in really love in a book or on display (*cough* WAYHAUGHT *cough*). It’s some thing I didn’t can encounter until I happened to be a grown-up, but that willn’t have already been the fact. We are entitled to better representation. If I can cause tales that give young queer visitors that feeling inside their chest, I quickly’ll keep creating for them.

Rachel Lippincott:

Precisely what Alyson said. Every book we compose and tale I tell is definitely with the intent having a reader see part of by themselves, for the reason that it’s everything I wish I got a lot more of developing right up. I believe lately we’re just starting to see many top quality LGBTQ+ content, but I nonetheless think you will find a void to fill. I would like to see a lot more rom-coms with delighted endings! More Tolkien-esque unbelievable fantasies with sword-wielding lesbians! More cheesy sitcoms with cool gay dads can! More representation from a variety of differing people and experiences, in many different different types.

Exactly why do you wish work with this book together?


Rachael and that I usually joke about precisely how it was all of our ultimate plan. What i’m saying is, seriously. Just perform I have which will make up tales for a full time income, but now I get to do it using my wife? It’s a good idea than everything i really could’ve possibly dreamt upwards. Composing Molly’s sections felt like creating really love characters to Rachael in a lot of means. It was Molly, but it was myself. It absolutely was Alex, nevertheless was Rachael. Sometime down the road, we could review through this guide and determine all little bits where the really love story intersected with theirs.


Exactly what more should I say? We found in a creating class in college in which we were both dreaming about being writers, and also to even have that come to be a reality? I still can not accept it as true.

This type of tale merely kind of…clicked for us. We’d both already been circling around a similar concept for a couple months, and when we brought up perhaps attempting to combine causes and watch the way it ended up, we were both some careful. We don’t would you like to force it. Didn’t determine if our styles would mesh well with each other. Didn’t know if our very own real-life cooperation would convert well to the web page and a working relationship. But here the audience is in the cover expose, therefore, I guess it all turned out okay!

What do you wish audience take from book?


I’m hoping they laugh, but I also hope they observe that absolutely even more to our identity than our sexual direction. These characters are so so much more than queer. They truly are Asian and amusing and bold and damaged, and they fall-in really love exactly like the rest of us. It was crucial that you all of us the guide was not about becoming trapped in dresser or coming out. We just desired a great traditional rom-com. The figures simply are two lesbians. Or…four lesbians?


I would like them to notice that even though maybe you are broken or healing or fighting, it does not mean you’re unworthy of really love. I do believe which can be difficult see often, especially when you’re fighting everyday just to love your self.

And also that really love are able to find you inside the many unanticipated of places, at most unanticipated time. Usually cliché? Absolutely. But that’s exactly how it discovered us.

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She Receives The Girl

on April 5, 2022.